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The NYOBS PAC is a state registered Political Action Committee which represents the interests of the Society of New York Office Based Surgery Facilities and the members we serve.

NYOBS PAC works to build the political clout our members and office based surgery facilities need with the NY State Legislature and Governor’s office and to assist in the election of candidates who support our issues.

NYOBS PAC supports candidates who understand and share our views on the challenges and concerns that affect office based surgery.

NYOBS PAC helps grow our visibility in Albany.

NYOBS PAC contributions serve as a constant reminder to lawmakers that the NYOBS is both a politically aware and actively involved constituency in New York politics.

NYOBS PAC can accept corporate contributions up to a maximum of $5000/year and individual contributions up to $150,000/year.

To contribute to NYOBS PAC, please send your check to:

c/o The Elk Street Group, LLC
21 Elk Street
Albany, NY 12207

Please download our brochure for more information about our PAC.

You may also pay by credit card. When you are done, you can hit the back button to return to our website.  For special Corporate Packages, please contact us.

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Contributions to the NYOBS PAC are for political purposes.
All contributions to the NYOBS PAC are voluntary.
Contributions to the NYOBS PAC are not tax deductible.



Page last modified on: January 1st, 2020